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Treasure Hunters meet the second Saturday of each month at 9 AM to noon.

The session begins in prayer asking the Lord to give us clues as to people He would like to bless. Clues include distinguishing features, clothing, names, and what blessing to ask God for on their behalf. The final set of clues is the location where those treasured people will be found.

The hunters then go to the various location clues given, and breaking up into pairs or trios, search for the treasured people that God wants them to bless. Once found, the hunters show the distinguishing clues and ask if they would be willing for them to pray a blessing over them.

The clues are remarkably specific and accurate and inevitably lead to God sponsored encounters.

February Stories

Treasure Hunt Update, February, 2015

We are now entering our fourth year of Treasure Hunting and are in awe of the many encounters Holy Spirit has orchestrated during this time! To date, we have found close to 200 treasures through “clues” or words of knowledge. Several people have come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and others have been healed of various illnesses. Through hundreds of divine appointments, we have been able to demonstrate the kindness and goodness of God in our city.

What an honour it is to partner with Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit in this way as we go ‘on the hunt’ for His treasures. Our Treasure Hunt fell on February 14th this month and two of our team members made up Valentine bags to hand out. These contained chocolates, as well as a 5 coloured bead bracelet explaining the plan of salvation. These little bags opened many doors for us and people were pleasantly surprised to be receiving something for nothing. We believe that the Father’s heart of love was released to each person individually through these bags.

We were also able to release healing to several people who fit the clues of “sore knees/hips” and “walking with a limp”. One of these was a treasure who fit a total of 10 clues, including her name which was “Esther”!

We cannot orchestrate these supernatural events in and of ourselves but by partnering with Holy Spirit, we can bring heaven to earth for those who so desperately need God’s love.