Small Group Discussion Notes

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God is Good Notes

For  8 weeks we will be enjoying a wonderful series presented by Bill Johnson on the goodness of God. Notes for the video series are available at the course locations. The book “God is Good” is available at I recommend getting the “God is Good Interactive Manual” which is available for Kindle at just $12.62. It has a daily companion devotional which is excellent.

Week 1: God’s Goodness Shapes Our Reality. Notes

Week 2: God’s goodness is defined in His original design for creation. Notes

Week 3: God’s goodness and the Old Testament. Notes and Questions

Week 4: God’s goodness is experienced in His glorious presence  Notes  and  Questions

Week 5: God’s goodness is experienced through His good judgment Notes  and Questions

Week 6: God’s Goodness is Displayed in Jesus Christ: Perfect Theology Notes and Questions

Week 7:God’s Goodness is demonstrated Through His Perfect Will Notes and Questions

Week 8: God’s Goodness is an Anchor in Mystery, Tragedy and Disappointment Notes and Questions

Foundations of Honor Notes

Week 1: What is Honor? Notes and Questions

Week 2: A Mindset of Abundance  Notes and Questions

Week 3: The Need for Feedback  Notes and Questions

Week 4: Confrontational Skills for Success Notes and Questions

Week 5: Results of Confrontation Notes and Questions

Week 6: Empowering People  Notes and Questions

Week 7:  Long Term Relationships  Notes and Questions

Week 8: Exporting Honour  Notes and Questions

Week 9: Building Succession Momentum Notes and Questions

Week 10: Constitution of Honour Application Notes